When Disaster Strikes your Mountain Wedding | Remembering the Colorado Floods

On Monday, September 9, 2013, Colorado Wedding Photographer Sarah Roshan watched as waters from a drainage adjacent to her home rose rapidly. She snapped a picture posting it on Twitter with the hashtag #TheresUsuallyNotALakeHere. By Wednesday, her Facebook feed was full of others documenting rising flood waters and worrying about whether or not their basements would flood or the water would reach the homes.

What did Sarah do?


She started thinking about the Colorado mountain brides whose weddings might get cancelled. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to make it to Grand Lake for a wedding that weekend. That same time, news of catastrophic flooding in Estes Park and Lyons– both are popular Colorado wedding destinations in September.

She decided to create a Facebook page to organize brides and vendors who were affected by the floods. By Friday morning she had over 100 messages from brides whose venues were cancelled as well as vendors who were stranded and couldn’t make it to weddings. Sarah had mere hours to reorganize and rebook dozens of weddings.

She called on her network of colleagues and as a team they started sorting through the chaos and helping to relocate brides and their guests. Her biggest problems were wedding professionals couldn’t get to wedding locations and venues closing. She was able to help nearly all of the Brides that reached out to her.

Listen to the podcast to hear how she did it:


Team Save My Colorado Wedding

The success of Save My Colorado wedding in relocating brides wouldn’t have been possible without the team of volunteers and helpers that stepped up to help. In particular:

Also special thanks to the Westin in Downtown Denver for being so flexible with allowing outside catering during the Colorado Floods.

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