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A Real Mountain Girl

My name is Christie Osborne and I am a consummate mountain girl. I’ve lived in the mountains my entire life. I currently live in Mammoth Lakes, CA, a 45-minute drive from Yosemite National Park. I grew up in the Berkshire Hills in western Mass. I learned to ski in Crested Butte Colorado and I’ve lived in the Smoky Mountains in grad school.

I’ve also traveled extensively in the mountains. I’ve skied and toured Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. I’ve traveled in the Bitterroot Forest in Idaho and rafted the Selway River. I love Utah powder and my favorite ski area is Alta. I’ve guided in Chile on the Palena River and coordinated the ropes course at Cave Camp on the Futaleufú River. I’ve climbed in granite in Yosemite, sandstone in Red Rocks and Bishop Tuff in the Owens Valley.

I’m a skier, snowboarder, telemarker, DH mountain biker, rock climber, kayaker, and I love hiking.

So this isn’t some “niched-down blog” where I thought to myself, “hmmmm, nobody is writing about mountains, I guess I’ll give it a try even though I live in Oklahoma.

I know things about mountains and mountain weddings that other bloggers don’t know. I know about Altitude Sickness. I know that the wind kicks up every day in the summer around 3pm in Western mountain regions. I know that it’s sometimes difficult to find high quality, reliable vendors in rural mountain towns. I know because I’ve lived here my entire life and I love mountains with my heart and soul.

So this blog is about giving you the best (but often over-looked) information about planning your mountain wedding. You’ll find the basics about budgeting and details, but you’ll also find real information about what makes mountain wedding planning unique.

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So what exactly is a mountain bride?

The short answer: You’re a bride who is getting married in the mountains.

The longer answer: You have a deep connection with the mountains, either because you live in them, or you’ve been visiting them, or maybe you’re just called to them. While some of us gravitate towards more organic and natural wedding details, not all of us do! As a mountain bride, you may be glamorous, modern, elegant, crafty, industrial, or classic. You may throw a grand ballroom wedding in a fancy hotel or host a down-home BBQ in the backyard your parents’ lakefront cabin. Basically, you are as diverse as any other bride. The biggest difference is that you’re get married in the prettiest place in the world!

Final Fun Fact About Me:

We had two weddings: one on each coast. Not all of our immediate family could make it to either the west coast or the east coast. It was important to have our parents with us so we went to them. We had an intimate small ski-inspired wedding in Mammoth Lakes, CA on March 3rd, 2009 with 17 of our closest friends. Two months later, we had a larger, more traditional wedding ceremony in Cashiers North Carolina on May 23rd, 2009.

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