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Mountainside Bride is dedicated to showcasing the best Mountain Wedding Inspiration and Vendors in North America (and beyond).

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Real Mountain Weddings

We know you want more than just pretty pictures, so we feature the best real weddings from the most reputable vendors in the country. We also work with real couples to get their advice on what worked, what didn’t what they’re glad they did and their regrets.

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Every vendor who contributes advice to the Mountainside Bride lives in the mountains and has extensive experience working on mountain weddings. They know insider tips and tricks and serve as your “Guide on the Side” as you plan your wedding.

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Travel and Honeymoons

Honeymoon and Travel information for modern couples who enjoy having the best of both worlds: unique and memorable experiences that include local adventures and exquisite opportunities to relax and reconnect after the stress and chaos of a wedding.

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Going To the Mountains Is Going Home


John Muir said, “Going to the mountains is going home.” The Mountains are truely my home. This view is 1.5 miles from my house.

We believe mountains are sacred, deserving of our respect and care.
We believe in being good stewards of the mountains.
Please take care of them during your stay.
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