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New Submission Guidelines

Mountainside Bride welcomes real mountain weddings, styled shoots and adventure engagement sessions from photographers, vendors, and real brides. We are looking for fresh, modern and organic mountain weddings that feature beautiful details, stunning mountain views and a sense of adventure.

In the interest of everyone’s time, and so you can resubmit your work to top wedding bloggers with one click, Mountainside Bride uses Matchology for all of it’s submissions.

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What Happens Next?

If your submission is accepted, you will be contacted for additional information, including full vendor credits, an email to interview the couple.

Please note that editorial decisions are made twice each month and you may wait up to 14 days for a response.

Are you exclusive?

No. Mountainside Bride is not exclusive. The goal of the website is to offer the best mountain wedding inspiration from the best vendors in each region. To that end, you are encouraged to re-submit your BEST work to Mountainside Bride.

Since the Mountainside Bride is not exclusive, the editorial team can be picky. That means we are NOT interested in the weddings you can’t get placed anywhere else. We are interested in showcasing and promoting the best mountain weddings and YOUR best work so that you can attract your best and most ideal clients.

How do I re-submit a feature to Mountainside Bride?

Matchology makes it easy for the both of us forr you to resubmit to Mountainside Bride or any other blog once you’ve been featured on Mountainside Bride. You simply upload your submission once and all of your information, including vendor credits and client interview, gets resubmitted with a single click of the button!

What EXACTLY are you looking for and how do I know if my work is a good fit?

Essentially, we’re looking for three things:

  1. Mountains. If you’re not in a mountain region, we’re not interested.
  2. Beautiful photography. This includes composition, lighting and consistent post-production work. I accept a variety of photographic styles including light, airy and romantic, and darker, moodier, boho styles, as well as traditional or modern styles. We’re not looking for a particular style so much as we’re looking for great photography that tells a complete story of the people, the details and the day in the mountains.
  3. Details. You knew that was coming :-) It’s ok if your submission doesn’t have a lot of reception details, however, it does need enough variety to keep a reader’s interest, create a mood and tell a story. If you find yourself shooting a detail-poor wedding, focus on other details: mountain vistas, details in nature (a leaf, a tree, or a flower), details in the attire (the lace, beading or jewelry), and I LOVE emotional details (that look, that laugh, that secret smile.)

What if I’m in the mountains, but my client had a hotel wedding so I don’t have any images of the mountains?

No problem. We will publish weddings in the mountains with no mountain shots if they have strong and beautiful photography and lots of lovely details and emotional moments.

What if I can’t track down the couple for an interview?

We’ll occasionally take a real wedding without an interview. However, in the absence of an interview, reception details become super important to hold the reader’s attention. You may also be asked to write an into of the day.

Do you take engagement shoots or bridal portraits?

Yes. I publish engagement shoots and bridal portraits every Friday or on the weekend.

We’re looking for amazing mountain vistas and super cute outfit changes.

We prefer natural-looking posing and moments over big posy smiles and hugs. Props are always appreciated for their storytelling abilities and to add visual interest and variety to the submission.

Engagement sessions and bridal portraits should create a mood for a reader and tell a story about the subjects.

*** Engagement posts may or may not be shared on Social Media.

Do you accept styled shoots?

Yes! We LOVE styled shoots. What a wonderful opportunity to showcase the creative talent of vendors!

Do you accept wedding films and videography?

Yes and no. We prefer wedding films to be submitted along with a full photography submission. However, we understand that sometimes the photography isn’t as good as the wedding film. Therefore, we require at least one and preferably more still shots. These can be couple portraits or detail shots you captured your self.

I’m a Bride (or Groom) can I submit my own wedding to you?

If you are a real bride or vendor, be sure to secure permission to use the images from the photographer. It’s your photographer who owns the copyright.

Can you suggest any other resources for creating the perfect submission?

Vendor Credit Policies for Mountainside Bride

In-post citations:

All vendors will be credited unless with followed links at the bottom of any real wedding, engagement shoot or other editorial shoots unless one of the following is true:

  1. Mountainside Bride does not receive full vendor credits for the submitter or the couple
  2. The couple asks that a certain vendor is not included because of service issues.
  3. If the citation provided only links to a social media site, such as Facebook or Instagram. It is against the citation policy of to link to a vendor social media page from a blog post.

Vendors may or may not be linked to and cited in the first paragraph of an article or post.

Images will be renamed with titles that include the location and original photographer.

All roundups, inspiration boards and advice posts with curated photos will cite both the photographer and the original publication source. Images for these types of content will be curated from websites and blogs who have already publicly published the work.

If the work of another vendor is featured (i.e. floral design, wedding cakes, stationery, etc) that vendor will also be credited if such a citation can be determined.

No images will be taken from photographer or vendor websites without express permission from the photographer.

Facebook Sharing and Crediting:

All blog posts will receive a shared link back to the post via Facebook within three business days of the day of publication.

All vendors that were provided by the original submitter will be cited with an @mention on Facebook, irrespective of whether or not their work is featured in the image.

If no account is given and one cannot be found with a simple search, the vendor shall be mentioned by name.

Instagram Sharing and Crediting:

Top submissions, those with numerous unexpected design details and exceptional photography will be selected for a 9-post grid take over on Instagram for maximum exposure. This posts will trickle out over a nine-day period (1 per day).

All vendors will be cited with an @mention

If no account is given and one cannot be found with a simple search, hashtag with the business name will be used.

Real weddings that don’t qualify for the 9-post grid takeover may be shared on Instagram Stories within 3 business days of going live on the blog.

Pinterest Sharing and Crediting:

Because images are renamed with titles that include the location and original photographer, the Photographer is automatically cited in Pinterest captions. No @mentions are used for Pinterest pins. For full vendor information, the Pinterest user can click on the pin to visit the original post.

Videography and Wedding Films:

If a video link is included with the original submission, it will be evaluated separately for publication. If the style and quality of the video fit the editorial standards and preferences of the Mountainside Bride editorial team, it will be embedded in the blog post.

It the style, quality or editorial character is deemed “not a fit” for the Mountainside Bride, the videographer will be cited in the vendor credits, but the work will not be featured.

Qualifying videos will be given a prominent spot below the header/hero image and above the intro text.