Lake Tahoe wedding planner Stephanie Anderson
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Top Tips for Planning your Mountain Wedding | Stephanie Martin

I’m thrilled to bring you another Hindsight Bride Podcast episode with Lake Tahoe wedding planner Stephanie Anderson from One Fine Day Events.

Lake Tahoe wedding planner Stephanie Anderson

Image from Catherine Hall via One Fine Day Events

 The number one tip Stephanie has for planning a wedding is know your budget. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have an exact dollar amount in mind. A basic range will do in the beginning.

Sometimes couples say they “have no budget.” That they will just pay whatever things cost. Often times, weeks before the wedding, the same couple is trying to shave tens of thousands of dollars off of the final bill because they really only wanted to pay $30K.

Having a range, sat $20-$30K can help your planner manage both costs and expectations.

Stephanie also talked about using magazines and inspiration shoots to find your style; what exactly you can expect from your wedding planner and stylist, and how accurate those wedding reality shows are!



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