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Quick Tips for Styling Your Bridesmaids

Welcome to the first of the Quick  Wedding Tips Series with Maggie Lord, editor of Rustic Wedding Chic and author of the book by the same name. Each month (around the middle of the month) Maggie and I will deliver super quick wedding planning and styling tips for your rustic chic or mountain wedding. This week we talk about styling your bridesmaids for a rustic or country wedding.

mix and match bridesmaids dresses with cowboy bootsImage from In Photography via Style Me Pretty

Quick Tip for Bridesmaids Dresses #1

For a romantic country look, dress your bridesmaids in lace. Don’t worry if the lace is white or light. That old tradition of only the bride wearing white is fast going by the wayside.  Besides, with that gorgeous long white gown you’ll be in, everyone will know you’re the bride! If you still can;t wrap your head around your bridesmaids in white or ivory, try a luxurious chocolate brown lace on your ‘maids.

vintage lace coller bridesmaids dressesImage from Sarah Rhoads Photographers via Style Me Pretty

lace bridesmaids dresses with black ribbon beltImage from Aqua Vivus Productions via Style Me Pretty

country lace bridesmaid dressesImage from Christina Carroll Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

brown lace bridesmaids dressesImage from Joielala via Green Wedding Shoes

Quick Tip for Bridesmaids Dresses #2

For a fresh, modern look, consider allowing your bridesmaids to either pick their own style (you pick the color), or pick thier own color (you pick the style). If you really want a fresh and bold look, pick a basic hue (blue/green) and let your maids pick both the color and the style!

green mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Image from Heather P. Moore via Inspired By This

gray mix and match bridesmaids dressesImage from  Harper Point Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

green and blue mix and match bridesmaid dressesImage from Erin Hearts Court via Southern Weddings

purple mix and match bridesmaids dresses
Image from Jenni Grace Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

More Tips for Styling your Bridesmaids

Excerpt From Maggie Lord:

Go nontraditional. Think outside of the box. You Bridesmaid’s dresses don’t have to come from your run-of-the-mill bridesmaid or bridal store.

Try mixing and matching your bridesmaids dresses. It’s has a vintage feel to it, but it also has a very organic feel to it. By having bridesmaids wear dresses that coordinate by look great together, but may not be all the same, it looks a little bit more organic and it fits the rustic venue perfectly.

Another big trend I’m seeing in the rustic or country setting is lace, especially a beige or a white lace. I know it used to be nobody wore white except the bride, but I feel a lot of brides really going toward this trend of having their bridesmaids in this very delicate white lace dress. I think the look is super romantic and very beautiful. It looks especially great in an open field or out on a big farm.

And my other favorite thing is when the brides choose one dress style and they let their bridesmaids choose a color that works for them. When they’re all standing up for the bride at the ceremony, it looks really cute. Try to guide your bridesmaids by picking a family of color. For example, you can tell them to choose something in the pastel family for spring or summer, or browns, dark greens, or eggplants for a fall wedding.

Download the podcast for More Tips:

  • If your bridesmaids are wearing something lighter like a cream or a white, how do you keep them clean in an outdoor setting?
  • Do you have any tips for giving bridesmaids guidance for choosing their own mix and match dresses?