mountain couple exchanges wedding vows in an old church, black and white

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows | Hindsight Bride Podcast

Angie from Vow Muse shares her tips and tricks

Wedding planning requires soooooo much attention to soooooo many details: finding the perfect dress, selecting lovely flowers to match your equally lovely decor, and creating a fabulous, fun atmosphere for your guests. Decisions on table linens, guest favors, cake flavors and design, and invitation, program, and menu designs are some of the more obvious details to attend to. Less obvious ones (especially if you don't have a planner) may include time lining the event, figuring out who will MC and what they will say and when, and making sure your vendors get appropriate breaks and are fed. If you're a DIY girl, it's necessary to borrow down into even finer details, such as making sure salt and pepper make it to the tables, or making sure you have dessert plates and forks for your cake.

mountain couple exchanges wedding vows in an old church, black and white
Image from Adam + Imthiaz Photography

Amid parsing through all the wedding details and minutia, one detail is often over looked until the last minute. The vows. Too bad too. They're arguably the most important part of the wedding. The reason why you're all there. Without the wedding ceremony, your wedding turns into a reception. It's just a fancy party.

My guest today is Angie from Vow Muse, the vow and ceremony writing service based online and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Angie will share some of her insights and tips for:

  • writing your own vows
  • writing a maid of honor or best man speech
  • finding inspiration
  • and overcoming writers block

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