How To Pick a Rustic Wedding Venue | Quick Tips with Maggie Lord

Finding the perfect venue isn’t always easy!

rustic bard wedding in ColoradoImage from Harper Point Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

Sure you can do a Google search for “rustic venues” in your area, but there may not be any in your small town. Or you turn up the usual suspects and nothing really looks good. Maggie Lord the author of Rustic Wedding Chic and editor of the website by the same name is back on the podcast sharing some quick tips for choosing a venue for your rustic wedding no matter where you live and what your options are! Here’s a sample of our discussion. Scroll down for the full podcast. Better yet, subscribe on iTunes!

How Do You Pick A Venue for a Rustic Wedding?

Rustic wedding venue on a Texas RanchImage from Katherine O’Brien Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

  • Keep your options open! Never cross off a venue until you’ve seen it in person, Even if their website isn’t great.
  • Talk to other brides and other people. That way you have a lot of eyes looking for you.
  • Ask friends and family. Maybe a friend of a friend has a private vineyard or barn you can use. And these venues may be under the radar, that isn’t advertised, and that isn’t a traditional wedding venue.

How Else Can a  Bride Find a Non-traditional Venue?

non-traditional rustic wedding venue

Image from Jen Fariellovia Rustic Wedding Chic

  • Think About What’s in Your Community: Is there a community green, or a horse farm, or a historic museum, or even a gallery with a lovely courtyard? Even if they don’t advertise for weddings, don’t rule them out.
  • Ask! Don’t discount a venue just because there’s no information on their website about weddings or events. You may have a museum in our town with a gorgeous courtyard that they are willing to rent, but because they don;t rent it out often, or it’s not part of their core mission, it may not be advertised. Pick up the phone and ask. It never hurts!