How to Get that Gorgeous Magazine or Blog Look for your Wedding

Maggie’s Quick Tips

rustic elegant barn wedding
Image from A. Blake Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

The Problem: Brides see gorgeous weddings on blogs and in magazines that are well photographed and well styled and they wonder how they can get the look.

Maggie’s Tips:

  • Pull out the design elements that you really love. Ask yourself what you love about that wedding. Is it the venue? The laid back feel? Or maybe it’s the use of the color orange. Just try to pinpoint what element you love.
  • Don’t try to replicate exactly. For example, if you love vintage lace, go to the flea market or your grandmothers attic and see what you can find and think of where you can place key design elements that will deliver the most impact.
  • Remember, most of your guests won’t notice whether you have lace runners on every table. Save your best pieces for key design areas, such as the cake table.

Maggie has many more tips for getting the look fro your wedding. Listen to the podcast now.

rustic elegant pink rose bouquet
Image from wild{whim} design + photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

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