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barn for a wedding

Barns can be challenging for Brides. According to For Maggie Lord, author of the book Rustic Wedding Chic and editor of the blog, a barn is a blank canvas, so brides often have to start from the ground up when decorating and styling a barn for a wedding. Maggie has a handful of tips that will help you dress up a barn quickly and relatively inexpensively. Here are Maggie’s tips:

1. Add Lighting

twinkle lights at a barn wedding

Barns can be dark places and have dark corners. Create a cheery and romantic atmosphere with lighting. Inexpensive twinkle lights and paper lanterns can look lovely in a barn.

2. Add White Drapery

white drapery at a barn wedding

Fill up a barn’s vast spaces with gauzy white fabrics draped from the ceiling and rafters. Maggie recommends finding inexpensive fabrics at Ikea or at JoAnns.

3. Use Fun Seating

hay bale seating

Sometimes the standard white plastic wedding chairs look out of place in a barn. Consider hay bales or source vintage chairs from flea markets and thrift stores (for smaller fetes.) Get creative! One bride who published on Rustic Wedding Chic asked her church if she could borrow it’s fleet of vintage wooden chairs.

4. Budget Tip: Alternate Floral Centerpieces with Something Else

mason jar lantern

For the budget-minded bride, consider alternating more expensive floral centerpieces with inexpensive centerpieces. Maggie suggests lanterns, which you can find for a couple dollars at Ikea or other discount stores.

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