Asheville wedding photographer Sarah Rominger

Asheville Bride and Photographer Gives Real Hindsight Advice

Bride Turned Photographer Dishes Out Her Best Hindsight Advice

Asheville wedding photographer Sarah Rominger

Today we have Asheville Wedding Photographer Sarah Rominger with us talking about her experiences as both a mountain bride and as a professional wedding photographer.  You may remember Sarah from last week. She photographed the Laid Back Southern Mountain Wedding in Asheville. Sarah is with us once more on the Hindsight Bride Podcast. Sarah shares all sorts of stories and advice from both the bride’s and the wedding photographer’s perspective. She tells how venue was the most important to her and that she looked at so many, her fiance eventually let her venue hunt without him. Sarah shares how she and and her family DIY-ed Martha Stewart-inspired ceremony fans, and give us the skinny on how much time and effort it took. And Sarah recounts how she and her new husband ended up eating dinner at Wendy’s because they didn;t make time to eat their dinner at the wedding. Sarah also dishes up some great advice for choosing a photographer.

This show is chock full of great advice and great stories. Here’s a little teaser from the classic Hindsight Bride interview:

Three things you’re glad you did:

  • I’m really glad that we had a first look
  • Glad we chose a venue where all the major things–chairs and tents, etc– were included. Because we seriously considered a venue where things weren’t included and I would have had to bring everything in on the wedding day, and I’m just so glad I didn’t go that route. It would have been that much more I would have had to do, and I already had enough on my plate.
  • I’m glad I carried Sprite with me…

Click play  and listen to the podcast find out why Sarah was glad she carried Sprite… (It at minute 18-ish)


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