laura murray colorado wedding photographer self portrait
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Expert Advice | Colorado Wedding Photographer Laura Murray

Today’s podcast features Laura Murray of Laura Murray Photography with us talking about the difference between editorial style and photojournalism; how to find the right fit in a photographer, and some of her best tips for your wedding day.

laura murray colorado wedding photographer self portrait

Laura’s best advice:

  • Come up with a schedule for the day. Usually you do this with a wedding planner, but in the absence of a planner,i [Laura] help [clients]establish a timeline.
    • Cushion your timeline to accommodate if you’re running late and to make sure your not rushing from one event to the next. You want to be able to slow down and enjoy every moment of your wedding day as much as possible.
  • Remember what your wedding is really about. It’s about you marrying the love of your life. No matter what happens, embrace everything that the day will bring and realize it will be perfect regardless of what happens.
  • Don’t be afraid of rainy on your wedding day. The light is so soft and romantic when it rains, and it makes beautiful photographs.


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