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Podcast Interview with Mary Ellen Murphy from Bridechilla

Mary Ellen Murphy joins us to talk about wedding planning tips and staying “chill” during your  entire wedding planning process. Mary Ellen is the founder of the Bridechilla clothing line and stylist at Off the Beaten Path Weddings.

What is a Bridechilla?

A bride that remains calm, cool, and collected during her entire wedding experience. Bridechillas never use phrases such as “my day, the most important day of my life, don’t ruin my day” A bridechilla is not defined by her wedding.

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Mary Ellen’s Tips for Planning Your Wedding

1) Think about yourself before you think about your wedding details. Let your authentic self guide your details so your guests will get a sense of you as a couple.

  • What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?
  • What’s your favorite meal?

2) After you set your budget, find your venue. Your venue will set the mood for the rest of your wedding.

3) For budget Mountain Brides choose a venue that highlights a spectacular view. When you have spectacular views you don’t need as much decor.

4) If considering DIY, consider the labor entailed. For example, if you walk into a floral studio the night before the wedding you’ll see 6 people working on the arrangements. Mary Ellen says, ask yourself if you have the time to do certain DIY projects, especially day-of, on-site execution.

5) Consider the personality when choosing wedding vendors. You want to make sure your vendor’s personalities and style match yours!

6) Make sure to ask for references. When you’re interviewing ask, “Can I have the names and contact info from past brides?”

7) Focus on the seasons. Source local and seasonal food and flowers if you can. If you’re wedding is in August, a mozzarella and tomato caprese salad will be delightful. A mozzarella and tomato caprese salad in the middle of January will be gross. Not only because the tomato may be tasteless and mealy, but because summer fare is incongruous to a winter wedding. Instead, let your wedding scream winter.


Mary Ellen’s Best Advice:

  1. Remember men get married too. It’s his day too. Focus on making your statement as a couple rather than making your super girly, frilly statement as a bride.
  2. Take time off from wedding planning. Have a date night where you promise not to talk about the wedding.
  3. If you can manage it, take a pre-honeymoon. Take a little break and get away to recharge your batteries and reconnect before the wedding.
  4. Don;t second-guess everything you’ve put into motion. In other words, don’t wonder if you should have done something else at the final hour, or whether you should order a this-n-that from Etsy. Trust your decisions!

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