Bridal Shower Tips from the Original Panty Pinata

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We have Heather House on the podcast sharing her tips and tricks for a great bridal shower. Heather is the inventor and original panty pinata artisan, will tell you there’s always a story. The Panty Pinata is a fun, indoor bridal shower game made of a pull string pinata. It has 20 strings that game players pull. 19 of the strings do nothing, they just pull out. One ribbon is the magic ribbon that opens the pinata and treats fall out, in this case, panties.

Here’s a small taste of the bridal shower tips we discuss on the show. To get the full story behind The Panty Pinata as well as details tips and tricks for your bridal shower, scroll down and download the show. Better yet, subscribe on iTunes.

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Bridal Shower 101

  • Throwing a great party and dealing with common fears:
    • Will the the guests will get bored?
    • Will people will leave early?
    • Will everyone will get along, and
    • Will the bride will be pleased.
  • Tips for a great bridal shower:
    • Stay positive and enthusiastic.
    • Keep it around two hours.
    • Don’t get wrapped up in other people’s drama.
    • Keep activities moving, but if you see people getting along, you can skip a game or two.

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How do you get Your Guests to stay?

  • Have a carrot at the end of the party. If everyone has gotten together for a big surprise or a big group gift, do that at the end.
  • Also, be sure to have a start and end time (such as from 9am to 11 am) and honor that time schedule.

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How do you handle inappropriate behavior?

Heather says, if no one has relieved you yet of the duty to be responsible for how people act, Heather now officially relieves you! There is no way to control the actions of others. Heather’s advice:

  • First ask the Bride, “Are there any real problems that we need to know about?”  or does the Bride have any real concerns. For example, is Aunt Edna going to drink too much and make a scene? Or is their tension among divorced parents and step-parents.
    • This is an appropriate conversation because you are likely not going to know everyone.
  • If things do start going South, don’t get involved. Put on your smiley face and keep the party moving. Ask the rest of the guests: “Can I offer anyone else an appetizer?” or “Time to open gifts!”
  • Ask the Bride is there anything the Bride has always wanted for her bridal shower.

Other topics on the podcast include: Creating A Culture of Sisterhood and Guarding Your Chutzpah

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