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Rustic Wedding Chic with Maggie Lord

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What are rustic weddings exactly? Is it a trend that will look dated with time? How do I know if I’m a rustic bride, or that “rustic” is my wedding style? These are some of the questions addressed by Maggie Lord, author of the new book Rustic Wedding Chic, and editor of the blog by the same name.

This hour-long podcast is packed with insights and tips for rustic brides, including defining a rustic wedding. Lord explains:

“It’s a life style and a sensibility about things. “It’s about bringing in details that are natural. It’s the opposite of the traditional ballroom style wedding, but it can take place in a ballroom. It can also be a vintage wedidng, a backyard or barn wedding; or a country or vineyard wedding.

Lord has also seen rustic wedding chic in a ballroom in Manhattan!

You’ll also find great tips, trick and advice fo ryour rustic wedding (or any wedding really)

Some of Maggie’s Top Tips:

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How do you wade through so much online inspiration and still stay true to yourself?

  • Instead of starting with the visual, start with a list of words you’d like people to use to describe your wedding. You may identify words like, fun, family-oriented, and adventurous. Or maybe your words are, elegant, intimate, and full of laughter. By starting with sentiments rather than details, you can eventually find the details that really help you express who you are as a couple, and perhaps who you are as a family, if that’s what you;re going for.
  • Stay true to who you have been over time. If you’ve always loved white roses, don’t go with baby’s breath because it’s popular or you fell in love with a baby’s breath inspiration board on a blog. Figure out what you’ve always enjoyed and then add a few details you’re loving right now. Follow this advice and you’ll always look back on your wedding and admire it for it’s beauty and how meaningful it was to you.


How do you manage all those little details?

  • Have a clear idea of how you will use each object. DO NOT buy anything that you don’t have a clear idea of EXACTLY how you will use it.
  • Never buy decor thinking “I’ll just work it in.” You rarely do.

How To Get Family on Board with your Rustic Wedding Chic Vision

  • Know what your priorities are going into each conversation and be willing to compromise on everything else. For example you may have your heart set on an outdoor wedding with a barn reception, but grandma always imagined a formal church wedding for you. If your heart is set on the barn but you can compromise on the ceremony location, compromise on the ceremony for approval on the barn reception.
  • People have their own ideas of how things should look. For example, everyone’s image of a “barn wedding” is different. Do your homework before each conversation with family and gather images of your vision. You want an elegant barn wedding and your mom wants an elegant country club wedding. When you look at the pictures together, you may find your visions aren’t that far apart.
  • When a family member offers to pay for a part of the wedding, know going in what that means. Does it mean you submit them the bill, or do they expect to be consulted and give approval on any decisions you make. That way you can manage expectations and keep lines of communication open.

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