Sweet and Simple Orchard Bridal Shoot in Utah

I love a bride who lets Nature share the spotlight with her. This sweet orchard bridal shoot reveals all of the simplicity and restraint of refined, natural beauty. Every detail shines, from the  baby’s breath gracing the bride’s hair, to those classic pearl earrings. And you can’t beat the rich pleasure of a stroll through an orchard in late summer. Less is definitely more.
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A Style Guide to Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry from BHLDN

Spring and summer brides need to look no further than the blooming wildflowers, budding trees and lush foliage for wedding inspiration. Take cues from Mother Nature this time of year and add a touch of nature-inspired jewelry to complete your bridal look. See BHLDN’s style guide below to find the nature-inspired jewelry look that’s right for you:

Boundless Blooms

Look for earrings, necklaces and bracelets with floral elements like bouquets of blossoms or dainty clusters of blooms to create a romantic and ultra-feminine look. A soft neutral palette with pearl and crystal accents looks elegant on a mountainside bride.
BHLDN Boundless blooms wedding Jewelry
1. Cerasus Necklace with wisps of delicate cherry blossoms, shiny leaves and fine-spun branches | 2. Boronia Drops featuring light-reflecting crystal drops dangling under a four-petaled flower of pearl | 3.  Nadia Bracelet with bold pearl and crystal bloomsContinue Reading

Winsome Andes Mountain Wedding


Today, I have Daniel and Mili’s winsome Andes Mountains wedding. In fact, Vilcabamba is purportedly the home of the famed Fountain of Youth. And check out that cake.  It was made by the groom’s aunt. The cake topper is an edible likeness of the bride and groom.

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Natural White and Green Spring Mountain Wedding Bouquet Recipe

I’d like to introduce you to our newest mountain wedding pro guest blogger, Kim from Petal Pixie, who is here with the very first mountainside bouquet recipe. Enjoy! (I know you’ll LOVE it!)
Petal Pixie Organic White and Green Floral Recipe

“I love mountain weddings! I love that weddings in the mountain call for flowers that are interesting and full of texture. A lot of times brides get caught up in a specific “rustic” theme or style and don’t realize that sky is the limit when it comes to floral elements that create a rustic feel. This bouquet is a perfect example of combining more romantic blooms with interesting textural elements.

We used the popular spring blooms including,

  • Ranunculus,
  • anemone,
  • and hellebores.

These blooms are used often and sometimes you wouldn’t expect them in a rustic mountain setting. Other blooms you can use are

  • cotton,
  • artichokes,
  • privet berry,
  • and succulents.

Petal Pixie Organic White and Green Floral Recipe

Petal Pixie Organic White and Green Floral RecipePetal Pixie Organic White and Green Floral RecipeContinue Reading