Yellow and Navy Mountain Bike Wedding at the Canyons in Park City

shannon and thiago Park city

Thinking of a themed wedding like skiing or mountain biking but don’t want to be too over-the-top cheesy? Take a cue from Shannon and Thiago’s bike-themed wedding and incorporate your theme in one place, like the wedding cake! You can also use invitations, ceremony cards, and favors to express your theme.For the rest of the wedding details, stay classic, or modern, or romantic.
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Shannon + Thiago
June 21, 2013
Park City, Utah

Brides maids dresses:

All 5 bridesmaids had different dresses. Although that was somewhat the plan from the beginning, it was executed a bit differently than originally planned.

I commissioned a designer here in Chicago to make my dress, 5 bridesmaids dresses, and 2 flower girl dresses. The thought was to let the party pick out their designs from sketches, but have them all made with the same material. Due to some very unfortunate events, 2 days before the wedding, I did not have my dress, or 3 bridesmaid dresses, and one of the flower girl dresses that I did get was way too short.

So, 2 days before the wedding, I visited a bridal shop, A Bride Beautiful in Salt Lake City, the owner, Belinda, was incredible! She helped me try on some dresses that stood out, and even in my distressed state, was able to find a dress I loved. She made a special appointment for me to come in that evening to get the dress altered. Before going back to the shop, my bridesmaids and I went to David’s Bridal to find the other dresses. We ended up going to 3-4 stores, and buying all 5 bridesmaid dresses, and the 2 flower girl dresses.

I went back to A Bride Beautiful, and Belinda and the seamstress were amazing! Not only did they alter the dress perfectly, but let me incorporate some special aspects, like the navy blue ribbon in the back for a little “pop”. The morning of the wedding, I picked up my dress, and 2 of the bridesmaids dresses that needed to be altered. Everyone was so fantastic, helping me jump through hoops to make my special day.

Other wedding party people:

All 5 groomsmen were in the same suit as Thiago. They had yellow ties, and Thiago had a navy blue tie to differentiate him.

Moments you loved, hated, cried, or laughed at:

Loved: I can honestly say, I loved everything about my wedding! The venue was gorgeous, the ceremony was short and sweet, taking the pictures didn’t seem like it dragged (good photographers:) The food was fantastic, the photo booth was too much fun (have the pics to prove it!) The cake was delicious, and the DJ brought it all together!

Hated: Due to the dress debacle, I hated the few days before the wedding. I know that everybody says something is bound to not go as planned, well, I knew there would most likely be something that would go wrong, but I thought it was that Thiago got into a bicycle accident 10 days before the wedding, and broke his collar bone in two places, separated his shoulder, and tore his ligaments. Luckily, the doctor said he could get surgery after the wedding, just the kind of honeymoon I was looking forward too…but then the dress thing happened, and I was totally stressed. It all worked out, but the days leading up to my wedding were very rushed.

Cried: I started tearing up as I walked down the aisle. I think I was just so relieved that everything had come together, and seeing all the faces I cared about, most importantly Thiago, I just kinda let go. By the time I made it down the aisle, I had dried my tears, and was so incredibly happy.

Laughed: I laughed at the speeches, as our families tend to think they’re comedians, and I laughed at my new husband, despite his injuries, and pain, made the best of it, dancing as best he could.

What you would have done differently, if anything:

Not put all my eggs in one basket. I wish I would have not gone to just 1 person when it came to the dresses. Things happen, so if you spread everything out, the likelihood that multiple things will go wrong will go down.

Any advice you have for future brides?

Everyone always says, be prepared for things to go wrong. I was very prepared, but still got thrown a doozy. Do you best, try not to stress too much (easier said than done) and just know everything will work out. It might not be how you envisioned it, but things happen for a reason!

Park City Wedding Vendors

  • Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography
  • Reception Venue: The Canyons
  • Makeup Artist: Bare Essentials
  • Dress Designer: Cosmobella
  • DJ: DJ Pauly
  • Event Planner: Harvest Moon Events
  • Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Jos A Bank
  • Shoes: Madden Girl
  • Cake Designer: One Sweet Slice
  • Floral Artist: Harvest Moon
  • Wedding favors: White chocolate covered rice krispies with our monogram, white chocolate covered brownies with a picture of a bride and groom, and white chocolate covered Oreos with the date of the wedding
  • Jewelry: Maternal Grandmothers pearl and platinum earrings, Paternal Grandmothers pearl and gold bracelet. solid strand pearl necklace, a yellow gold band (brazilian culture) and a 3 stone white gold engagement ring

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