WNC Wedding Wisdom: Two Ring Studios Part 2

An Interview with Derek and Galen from Two Ring Studios Photography and Cinema: Part 2

My interview with Two Ring Studios, continued…
Where is your favorite location to shoot?
It’s hard to pick just one… There are so many great venues in Asheville. We love traveling too. Last year we traveled to San Francisco to capture a wedding. That was neat!
Bride and Groom in Downtown Asheville
7. What should brides do (if anything) to prepare for her meeting with you. In other words, what types of information do you need to gather beforehand?
Take a look at our portfolio on our web site. Also think about whether you would like video as well as photography because our studio offers both. Our meetings are always laid back and we love answering any questions the bride has.
8. What tips can you give brides for finding the right photographer?
Have you considered Two Ring Studios? :)
But seriously… find a well-rounded photographer who understands all aspects of photography. Being a good portrait photographer is advantageous, but you also need to catch those candid moments, often in very low light! Adapting to different environments is crucial and a bright flash in low light is not always appropriate.
A photographer with a good personality is important. Make sure he or she has the ability to interact with a variety of people and in different emotional situations. We love interacting with the bride & groom and their guests and just having fun! Of course, we don’t want to be too chatty. There is a fine line between interacting with people and being unobtrusive. A big part of wedding photography is being aware of your surroundings, emotionally as well as technically.
Make sure the photographer is truly excited about what they do. Every one has heard the story of a wedding photographer who just isn’t into it. Often you can tell if a photographer is excited by the photos in their portfolio, but meeting in person is a good thing too!
A college education is a plus. There are many good autodidactic photographers out there, but it’s a huge benefit to have a conventional education in the arts and a passion to always learn. We met in college and have been working together for 7 years. We always strive for an open mind when it comes to photography and cinema. We embrace conventional techniques but the door to learning is never closed.
Men in the wedding party sit around a table
9. What tips can you give destination brides looking for a local photographer?
Do your research – lots of it! Though this industry has many great professionals, we do hear the occasional horror story. You can tell a lot about a vendor through research, such as looking on forums and asking other local vendors what they know. Make sure your photographer is experienced and full-time. This industry is full of part-time photographers who don’t have the experience, time, or attention to detail to offer a quality product.
Bride in a birdcage veil drives a cherry red vintage car

10. You’ve seen a lot of weddings. What do you wish couples knew ahead of time. In other words, what do couples typically only learn in hindsight?

We’ve had a lot of couples tell us they wish they had hired us for video, too.

Indian Wedding Highlight Video – Swapna & Ravi from Two Ring Studios on Vimeo.WN