White and Green Mountain Wedding in Silverthorne Colorado

Jonna + Max
July 07, 2012
Silverthorne, Colorado

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Why a mountain wedding?

Max proposed to me on top of Mt. Royal in Frisco – our favorite mountain – and we thought, “Why don’t we just get married out here?” My family is from NJ and his are from IA. We didn’t want to “favor” either side of the family, so we decided to make everyone come to us, in our favorite vacation spot that has special meaning.

Where did you find your inspiration?

The cover of Real Simple Weddings magazine definitely caught my eye. I loved the blue shoes and green flowers. Those colors fit well with what Max and I wanted for our wedding. We are very outdoors-y. We love doing anything and everything outside: running, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping… We love finding excuses to be outside. We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and elements we love. We’re down to earth and enjoy the simple things in life. When deciding what our main color was going to be, Max suggested green because, “You love me in green!” He, of course, knows me too well. What can I say? Wearing green makes his green eyes even greener! Not only was earthy green the perfect color, but it represented our love of the outdoors. Adding hints of bright blue – like in my shoes and the flowers – added to the natural environment we wanted to create for us and our guests.

Tell us a bit about your wedding.

We definitely wanted to save money throughout the planning process. We handmade wedding favors: clear baggies filled with green and blue M&M’s and Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses, with colorful ribbons (blue and green) to tie it, and a sweet note from us. Half of our tables had real floral centerpieces, while others had fake greenery that we picked and designed ourselves. In lieu of table numbers, we collected large stones (about 120 lbs of rock between two backpacks with a two-mile bike ride) and painted names of CO mountains on each rock for every table (our head table was “Mt. Royal”). Instead of ceremony programs, I purchased two, small chalkboards and colored chalk, and designed a “program” that had the names of the wedding party, the wedding officiant, and ceremony music.

What are three things you’re glad you did

  • Having a good friend officiate the wedding (he surprised us by becoming a minister, when it wasn’t necessary in CO)
  • Having siblings read two poems during the ceremony
  • Having a buffet with the BEST food :)

Three things you wish you had done

  • Had someone in charge of day-of wedding set-up, instead of people coming up to me and asking me questions, which led to me running around in my wedding dress minutes before the ceremony started
  • Delegated others to pick up flowers
  • Planned more time for first-look pictures, and pictures in general, before the ceremony (probably should have had the ceremony pushed back an hour)

Three things you wish you hadn’t done

  • Having the bachelorette/bachelor parties two days before the wedding
  • Have the bar open the whole time, as opposed to temporarily stopping service during speeches and first dances
  • Been so nervous that I barely ate any wedding food.

Three things you wish you hadn’t worried about

  • The $500 worth of rented chairs outside that weren’t used because the ceremony had to be moved inside due to rain at the last minute.
  • The DJ not following some of our reception song guidelines

What is your very best hindsight advice?

Delegate, delegate, delegate! As the bride, you want to be relaxed during your special day, and your family and wedding party are there to help. They WANT to help. Give them jobs – no job is too small. Most importantly, have someone in charge day-of who knows exactly where things go, who does want, has a list of vendor names and numbers, etc. And they should know all of this BEFORE the day of the wedding. Having help will make the minutes leading up to the ceremony much more enjoyable and stress-free :)