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Guest Post on A Mountain Bride

I am *thrilled* to be one the guest bloggers on A Mountain Bride while Jes moves across country with her new husband. Check out my short post on Where We Saved the Most Money.

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Another Great Money Saving Strategy: Homemade Cookie Favors

I am a big fan of edible favors, especially sweet ones. Guests love them! You will find fewer edible favors left behind than you will those little 2" picture frames with you and your hubby's engagement picture in them.

Cookie favors especially are great for the budget bride. Think of it: You can make a few dozen cookies from a single batch. Wrap them in some pretty paper and tie with twine, yarn, or pretty ribbon–both of which can be very inexpensive. At the end of the day, you're looking at spending a few cents per guest.

homemade Italian Cookie wedding favors
Image from Hindsight Bride's Flickr Photostream

Hindsight Advice for Cookie Favors:

  • Use brown paper bags from the grocery store. It's free, and especially good for rustic themes.
  • If your cookies are frosted, wrap them in plastic wrap so they don't make your paper greasy
  • For an extra special touch, use a family recipe and include a recipe card
  • For great directions on cutting the paper, visit Elizabeth Anne Designs


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