What to Do with Leftover Wedding Cake | Frangelico Cake Shots

Frangelico Wedding Cake Shots via MountainsideBride.com

Frangelico Wedding Cake Shots

Here’s a little secret that all recently-married couples know: Many guests pass on the wedding cake so you’ll have more leftovers than you know what to do with. But don’t let your wedding cake go to waste! Simply whip up some Frangelico wedding cake shots for the dance floor and watch that wedding cake disappear while your guests get a refreshing cold drink after burning it up on the dance floor.

Frangelico Wedding Cake Shots Ingredients



Blend a piece of wedding cake, several scoops of ice cream and Frangelico (to taste) in a blender. Serve in a small glass rimmed with gold sugar and topped with whipped cream. So easy!

Frangelico Wedding Cake Shots