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What Kind of Mountain Bride Are You?

Maybe you want a stunning destination wedding but aren’t interested in the standard beach wedding. Maybe you’re considering a mountain destination wedding, but you aren’t sure where to start. Start with you and your style! Mountains are like people. They have their own personalities, and each region attracts a certain type of person. Take this simple quiz to find your perfect mountain wedding destination.

Find the perfect mountain wedding destination to match your style

What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Vacation?

A. Relaxed, historic B+B in the pastoral countryside.
B. Music Festival.
C. White-water rafting trip and sightseeing in America’s National Parks.
D. A classic ski vacation with family and friends.
E. Something close to a major city that includes skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, a visit to a National Park and anything else I can fit into my schedule.
F. Heli-skiing in a remote and spectacular mountain range far away from people.

What is the best restaurant experience you can imagine?

A. Fine french cuisine in an old historic estate.
B. Farm to table in a locally-owned, independant restaurant.
C. Happy hour!!!
D. The hottest new restaurant exploring the latest food trends.
E. Authentic Mexican and a killer magarita.
F. PB&J sandwich lunch on a rock overlooking an amazing hanging valley in the middle of a week-long backpacking trip.

What family heirloom will you cherish carrying?

A. A vintage lace handkerchief or mother’s veil.
B. Grandma’s folk art cross stitch wrapped around your bouquet.
C. My cowboy boots (I’ll pass these on to my daughter).
D. I’m skiing to my ceremony on a pair of vintage skis from the year I started skiing.
E. Heirloom? Um, I plan to have both my mother and father walk me down the aisle, does that count?
F. I’m wearing my future mother in laws vintage hiking boots to my outdoor mountain elopement.

What’s your go-to, comfort food?

A. Apple pie or anything drenched with real maple syrup.
B. BBQ with slaw, beans, greens and pepper vinegar and sweet tea to wash it all down.
C. Ground buffalo empanadas.
D. Elk medallions. Rare in a balsamic reduction sauce.
E. A BLAT (Bacon Lettuce Avocado and Tomato Sandwich).
F. Fresh Alaskan King Crab served family style on a table covered with newspaper.

Where does the majority of your family live?

A. NYC or New England
B. Atlanta or somewhere in the south
C. Mostly in the midwest.
D. Half in the east and half in the west
E. On the California Coast
F. We’re eloping, so we’re not considering where family does or does not live.

If you answered mostly As, you’re a Berkshire Bride:

You're a Berkshire Bride
Berkshire Bride.
You’re refined and relaxed. You love tradition and history inspired you. I can see you at Edith Warton’s historic home and serving an elegant french-inspired menu. Find Berkshire and New England Weddings HERE.

If you answered mostly Bs, you’re an Asheville Bride:

Asheville Bride
Asheville Bride.
You are fun and love one-of-a-kind unique and funky things. You also love the outdoors, hiking through the woods and ending your day with fresh wholesome food and a great live music. Find Real Asheville and Smoky Mountain Weddings HERE.

If you answered mostly Cs, you’re a Rocky Mountain Bride:

Rocky Mountain Bride
Rocky Mountain Bride.
You’re the classic, down-to-earth, easy-going cowgirl. You love big mountains, wide open spaces and rustic details. You’re easy to please with the simple things in life: the love of your family and friends, the freedom of being in nature, and the adventure of a day spend in the mountains. Find Real Rocky Mountain Weddings HERE.

If you answered mostly Ds, you’re a Colorado Bride:

Colorado Bride
Colorado Bride.
You love outdoor adventure but don’t want to sacrifice the finer things in life to enjoy it. Sure you love hiking, skiing and mountain biking, but you also love fine food, fashion, and entertainment. You prefer to mix outdoor adventure and an active lifestyle with the refinement of the city. Find Real Colorado Weddings HERE.

If you answered mostly Es, You’re a Sierra Bride:

Sierra Bride
Sierra Bride.  
You are non-traditional, non-conformist and down-to-earth. You’re active and love to live life to the fullest. You don’t need many extras in life to be satisfied. For you being active and in nature is the perfect experience. Find Real Sierra Nevada Weddings HERE.

If you answered mostly Fs, you’re an Alaska Bride:

Alaska Bride
Alaska Bride.
You are on a quest for the ultimate adventure. You’re a non-conformist who loves a challenge and doesn’t deal with crowds well. You love your solitude and mountains. Lots of them. And the bigger the mountains, the better! Find Real Alaska Weddings HERE.