Welcome to the New Mountainside Bride

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Image from Naomi Goggin via Moment Junkie

Finally, after months of starts and stops, the Mountainside Bride is here! Hindsight Bride is being replaced by the new Mountainside Bride. The Ultimate Blog for Mountain Brides.

Many Thanks

God, I feel like I’m ready to give an acceptance speech here. Well, in many ways, I should!First and foremost, I have to thank Lauren from Every Last Detail for having the courage to suggest a re-brand. To Megan from Glamour and Grace for her wisdom and positive words, and the New York contingent of the  Love Collective for their continued support, including Natalie and Krista from the Bayside Bride; Jess from Destination Inspirations; Lauren from Southern Aisle; Kate from Modernly Wed; and Jessica from Shimmer and Silk.

I remember being in New York for The Love Collective. We were getting the grand tour of the Martha Steward offices. Every time I introduced the Hindsight Bride blog as a mountains wedding blog, I got blank stares. It wasn’t obvious what hindsight advice had to do with mountain weddings specifically.

After a full day of this, Lauren sat me down and said, “I want to suggest something that may be difficult to hear, but I want to to consider it.”


“I’d like to see you change your name,” she continued. “I think it needs to have the word ‘mountain’ in it.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice! A big glittery epiphany burst in my head. That night, the ladies listed above and I brainstormed over burritos and margaritas and came up with the Mountainside Bride. In fact, I think I own Natalie a special note of thanks as she came up with the final name. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Some Changes

  • New and improved navigation. The main navigation will allow you to quickly view all real mountain weddings, podcasts, inspiration, and DIY posts.
  • Larger images for your Mountain Bride inspiration. The container of the new blog is larger and can accommodate larger images, allowing you to see every gorgeous detail!
  • A new newsletter. Let’s Face It, Mountain Weddings are Different. Just as the mountains
    themselves are rugged, so to can the planning process be. So I’m offering you exclusive tips just for planning your mountain wedding. You’ll also get exclusive deal and steals from our preferred vendors.


What to Expect

  • A Month of Giveaways: We’ve lined up fantastic giveaway’s specifically geared toward you, mountain brides. We have sweet hand-painted invitations and thank you cards from Etsy, Bridechilla tees for the down-to-earth, relaxed bride (as most of us mountain brides are,) cookie in a jar favors created specially for the mountain bride, and subscriptions to Brides and Martha Steward Weddings magazines!
  • {Coming Soon!} The Preferred Mountain Vendor directory. I’ve heard you loud and clear! You need to know who is a professional, reputable vendor in the mountains and who is the fly-by-night local yokel. So many of you have emailed me asking for help with an unresponsive vendor, vendors who have promised one thing and delivered another, and even vendors who were railroading your vision by fighting with each other.
    • So I’m creating a directory of top mountain vendors who have been vetted by both their peers and real brides. These will be vendors you can trust for their quality of work, level of professionalism, and their ability to give you the wedding of your dreams.


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