I Didn’t Want A Wedding pt 2 | Off Piste

Details to Love for Mountain Brides

Today we continue our Off Piste wedding with a bunch of details mountain brides can incorporate into their own weddings. (After all, this is a mountain wedding blog!) OK, here it goes…

Incorporate Historic, Local, or Personal Details

OK, I know there’s a lot of flack out there for styled weddings. But I’m not referring to styling your wedding for the sake of styling it. I’m suggesting that you take a few meaningful elements and incorporate them into your decor. Here’s why:

  1. Incorporating personal details gives you and your guests something to talk about. No one knows all of the memories and inside jokes you and your family share. By styling your wedding with meaningful details, you and your family will have pieces of you to share with guests.
  2. If you’re careful to preserve your details in your wedding photography, you’ll have something to reminisce over with your spouse, or great stories to share with your children. “See that key that Mommy’s holding and the hammer Daddy’s holding? Those represent…”


Get Ready Together

This idea is near and dear to my heart. Hindsight Groom and I got ready together. He was the only one who knew how to bustle and un-bustle my gown. It made sense though. He’s my best friend, and it’s always fun to get ready for a big event with your best friend!


Red Gloves/White Gloves

First of all, I love gloves. Secondly, I love the idea of using accessories to mark transitions in the wedding. Consider wearing red gloves at the ceremony to symbolize love and passion, and white at the reception, or vise-versa. Or choose different colors that mean something to you.


Have a Meaningful Ceremony

It’s easy to overlook the ceremony and vow exchange when you’re bombarded with Pretty Pretty details from wedding magazines and blogs. Don’t. The ceremony can be the most personal and memorable moment of the day. Abby and Grisha (Greg) married under a colorful custom Chuppa her grandmother made.


Have Fun at the Reception

Don’t be afraid to go beyond the band. Incorporate family traditions, give a thank you speech to your guests, or have a coreographed dance. You don’t have to have a reception by the numbers. Be creative!


Serve Your Guests

I love that this bride and groom served their guests wedding pie! We contemplated having both sides of our family serve dinner instead of having a receiving line. We figured it’d be a great way to connect with all of our guests. It also made sense for our casual DIY fete. We treated the wedding like a great big dinner party. It also makes sense for this bride because she originally didn’t want a wedding. So had one for the love of family. Why not honer them by serving dessert?