Wedding Insurance that Handles Wedding Day Catastrophes


What can you do when a wedding day catastrophe threatens to ruin you r big day? The short answer: Get wedding insurance. Really, it's not that expensive. Less than $400 will cover your $35,000 wedding. I promise!

Ok, seriously, there are two things that worry me to death about mountain weddings:

  1. Fly-by-night vendors: There are plenty of local yokels who don't deliver on their promises. I know of a local florist, who packed up and left for Oregon two weeks before a Bride's wedding. Gone, goodbye. No more flowers and no more deposit. Or, in these trying economic times, it's not unheard of for a vendor to file for bankruptcy and go under before your wedding, but AFTER you've given her or him your deposit.
  2. Cancelled weddings: Something happens and you have to postpone or cancel your wedding date. Can you say, “bye bye deposits?” It's possible. Say there's a big Rocky Mountain snowstorm, and your the groom's flight is delayed, and he can't make the ceremony. Or, a flash flood and your venue is under water. What about pre-wedding day activities and injuries? I know one bride whose father (you know, the guy walking her down the aisle) had a mountain biking accident the day before the wedding. He ended up in the hospital with cracked ribs and a broken leg.

Markel Image vendor bankruptcy

What do you do if something like this happens to you? It's possible. The mountains are rugged. You love them because of that. You love to hike, and bike, and ski, and climb. You think you don't need to worry about wedding insurance because you're not getting married on a hurricane-prone tropical island.

Think again.

I've partnered with Markel Wedding Insurance, the wedding insurance experts, to talk about wedding insurance. Let's face it, you could have the most gorgeous wedding gown, the most beautiful flowers, and the most thoughtful details, but if you don't have a backup plan if something goes wrong, the house are cards is easily toppled.

Wedding Insurance Coverage

OK here's what I found out for you:

Markel offers wedding cancellation coverage  for when a vendor flakes and you lose your deposit. Or if the venue has to cancel in the event of, say, frozen pipes, flooding, or, God-forbid, a fire.

Markel Image venue flooding
Markel also offers coverage if your wedding is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond your control, including weather, if military leave is withdrawn and your future spouse is deployed, and if a bride, groom, and close family member gets sick or injured causing delays and postponements.

Markel Image groom injured

Markel Wedding Insurance Also offers Coverage for Things Such As

  • Lost wedding rings
  • Cancellation due to Wedding planner fraud (a big concern for destination brides who can't be in the region monitoring the wedding plans.)
  • If your honeymoon is canceled or postponed because your wedding is cancelled or postponed.
  • If your photography is damaged
  • If your rented limousine doesn't show up
  • If your wedding gown or Tux is damaged.
  • If you need professional counseling to get over the heartbreak of your wedding being cancelled (they really do think of everything)!
  • Markel also includes Host/Liquor to protect you from financial liability if you have alcohol at your wedding and the unfortunate occurs.


Final Tips

Weddings are wonderful, joyful occasions. They are also big, expensive events. Weddings now cost more than new cars. They represent a downpayment on a new home. They cost more than some people pay for college. A successful wedding depends on careful planning. Not just planning what meal your guests will enjoy, but also having a backup plan for life's little disasters.

If you are a destination bride, a mountain bride, a military bride, or are spending the equivalent of a down payment on a house for your wedding, get wedding insurance.

I got a quick quote for $35,000 worth of wedding cancellation, plus liquor liability for $362.00. Your dress costs more! You may as well insure it ;-)

Get your instant wedding insurance quote now. I promise you'll be surprised at how little piece of mind costs!

Want to talk to a Wedding Insurance Expert before you get a quote?  Give Markel a call at 1-855-480-9757 and speak with a wedding insurance specialist to get all of your questions answered.