Wedding for Two on Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse

I'm off, driving into the sunset this weekend. Just me and my dog. We're California bound, and looking forward to being reunited with the Hindsight Groom and his dog.To celebrate my going home, I have something very special for your today.

You all know I have a soft spot in my heart for elopements. And I'm leaving for California in a couple of days. So today, I bring you a California elopement from the amazingly talented Curtis, of Living Cinema.

I am completely struck by the sacredness and intimacy of this elopement. I must have watched this video a dozen times or more. Everything is there: the dress, the flowers, the killer shoes, the walk down the aisle, the cake cutting the picnic. But it is all for them. It's not to impress family or friends or to indulge in some sort of budget-taxing vanity fair. It is simply two people celebrating the traditions and intimacy of a wedding. There are so many lessons here.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Living Cinema
LOCATION: Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse
EVENT PLANNING: Oh How Charming!
PHOTOGRAPHY: Aaron Delesie
MUSIC: Junip “Rope & Summit”