Watermelon and Mint Prosecco Cocktail

Watermelon + Mint Processo Cocktail

For a fun and festive summer wedding, nothing is quite as refreshing as a watermelon cocktail. Combined with the effervescent bubbles of  champagne or processo you have the perfect signature cocktail for a hot summer’s day in New England or the Southern Mountains. 

Watermelon + Mint Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

You’ll need:

  • Watermelon
  • Prosecco
  • Mint sprigs

Prepare the watermelon: Quarter the watermelon and cut into large chunks. Reserve a few slices and cut out heart shapes using a small cookie or biscuit cutter. Pulse chunks in a large food processor and pour through a fine sieve into a container. I like to use a large mason jar so I can make this ahead of time. The watermelon pulp and juice will separate within a day and require a good shake to remix.

Make the cocktail: Drop a few heart shapes into the bottom of a glass. Pour 1/4 of the glass full of watermelon juice (more or less to taste). Top with prosecco and garnish with a heart shape on the rim and a sprig of mint.

I like to use La Marca Prosecco. It is one of the best Proseccos I’ve had. It’s well-balanced, not too sweet and not too dry.  It’s lovely on its own or in a signature drink.