Votive Alternatives for the Mountain Brides | Floralyte Review

 LED Lights!

In western mountain brides in the Rockies, Sierra, and Cascades may want to think twice before setting up a bunch of votives and candles at their outdoor mountain wedding. Why? Because the wind blows incessantly after 3 PM in most mountain towns. Even a gentle, breeze can wreck havoc on your carefully designed (albeit poorly planned) candlelit tablescapes.

The solution: battery powered Floralytes.

I had an opportunity to try out some Floralytes from Koyal Wholesale. They graciously sent along seven lights in various colors: green, blue, teal, UV, and white.

I did some simple testing and created and easy-peasy project (please forgive my amateur photography skillz.) Here are the results.

paper wrapped jar with led light near spray roses

First, these babies last FOR-EVVVA. I tested one for eight full hours before turning it off, figuring I’d use it again for my own little shindig. They’re easy to drop into containers because unlike lit votives, you don’t burn the crap out of yourself, or risk having the flame go out.

I woke up a dawn to test and take pictures. (Again, please forgive my amateur photography) I found that they emit plenty of light, mimicking a candlelit table, but I found the plain  light to be a bit cold.  The colored lights were a bit better, but I’m not a big fan of styling with colored lights. If, however, you do like color, the blue, green and teal Floralytes were my favorites. I cared not at all for the black light effect of the UV light, but again, if you like that sort of thing, the Floralyte UV created an authentic black light effect.

My favorite aspect of the Floralytes are they can be used in ways regular votives and candles can’t. For instance, you can drape fabric around them without being that idiot who burned down her own venue.

fabric-drapped tablescape with LED lights
Image from A Perfect Setting


  • They use batteries, so they can be used again when you’re entertaining outdoors or sold to another bride.
  • They last a looooong time. I went ahead an did my own little longevity test with the green votive. I turned it on, and set my iPhone timer. After eight hours there was nary a flicker. I stopped the test. I figured eight hours is plenty for any wedding, and I like it so much, I want to use it again.
  • They’re waterproof.
  • You can quickly and easily drop them into jars without burning yourself or fumbling with a lighter.
  • They emit plenty of light, but not too much. Depending on the size of your table, use three to seven per centerpiece to create a lovely, low-lit atmosphere without blasting your guests
  • You can do things with LED lights that you can’t do well with candles, like drape them with gossamer fabric for a romantic touch, and I would,t recommend putting an open flame in a paper bag.


  • The light they emit is a bit cold, but Koyal does sell and Amber color that may be warmer. If you have the time, buy a single sample and test it yourself.

paper bag luminaries
Image from The Antique Door


  • They’re waterproof but they don’t float. I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con. If you had your heart set on floating votive, these won’t help. But you can create so many lovely centerpieces with these, especially the colored ones. Think “special event lighting” on a budget. Here are a few ideas to get you going:
    • Drop a colored light in a vase full of water and float orchids or gardenia on top for the “floating votive” effect, but with a little more pizzazz.
    • Nuzzle a colored Floralyte in between tall glass vase filled with clear crystal bead marbles. Fill with water for a dramatic effect.
    • Wrap glass jars you’ve saved from pickles, relish, salsa and spaghetti sauce with pretty paper, a page from a book, or fabric and insert a white Floralyte for a whimsical effect.

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