Vintage in The Mountains + BrideCHILLA Winner {Weekend Edition}

Mountain Wedding Round-up

This week(ish) Style Me Pretty is still rocking the mountain weddings. Lucky you! Back in the day, there were precious few mountain weddings in the blogoshere. Now look at us! Mountain weddings are not only gaining in popularity, but you also have a entire blog dedicated to them (ehem).

Vail Pink Ruffled Bridesmaids Dresses

Mammoth Lakes Wedding Invitations

I’m obsessed with Alaska lately. Here are two weddings I freaking heart. AND… if you have a good recommendation for a great Alaska or destination-to-Alaska wedding photographer. Drop me a line. The blog is short on Alaska weddings and that needs to be fixed, STAT!

Off Piste {But Not Really}

Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

Off Piste Favorite, Bayside Bride, published a honeymoon post about Lake Tahoe. You know, ’cause if you can;t have a mountain wedding, you may as well have a mountain honeymoon. Seriously, though, Tahoe has the best of both worlds: mountains AND beach!

DIY Finds

Tissue paper rosettes

  •  I’m totally loving the DIY Bridal Make-up video round-up over on Crafty Pie Stationary.
  • And check out those cute-as-a-button Crepe Paper Flowers DIY Tutorial from The Idea Room.

…And the Winner Is…

Finally! Right? I’ve been having problems with the backed of wordpress today. I finally determined that it was a faulty plugin. Bummer because it was a premium plug in too. Oh well. We’ve got a BrideCHILLA winner… {drum roll} giveaway pick BrideCHILLA engagement shoot

Commenter #3: Trena. And guess what. She has her own crafty, DIY bridal blog. Check it out HERE. That engagement picture is her too. How cute. She’s defiantly a BrideCHILLA, no?