Mountain shaped chocolates

Unique Chocolate Wedding Favors

Guest Blogger: Sour Cherry

Wedding chocolate favors are very popular and they certainly do not have to be boring. So, today I bring you, lovely Hindsight Bride followers, something out of the Interlaken’s chocolate chest. Uruguayan student Gabriela Nisizaki has designed the most amazing packaging for the famous Swiss chocolate manufacturer. It’s a simple, yet very effective packaging, which will put a smile on every mountain bride’s face!

Gabriela’s design is actually origami-inspired, allowing there to be no need for glue to hold the package in place. Now that’s one rare treat for eco- friendly chocolate lovers!

mountain chocolate

In regards to the rest of this tasty ‘mountain’, she explained, ‘The premise was to create a chocolate wrapping, in my case the packaging does not need any kind of glue as it is origami inspired, it just folds. The shape and inner texture is for the mountains in Interlaken a municipality in Switzerland.’

The Gabriela Nisizaki chocolate is the very best example of creative minimalism.

Mountain shaped chocolatesAll images from The Dieline

Each package displays the designer’s idea of the mountainous peaks and their designs were executed beautifully. The white chocolate wrapper should be the first choice for your wedding favors, as it will match the icy blue mountain sky and the green trees around you. The dark chocolate is mustard yellow, accented by off white.

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