Unique Centerpiece Ideas Just for You

When looking for unique wedding ideas, start with you.

I am a big fan of weddings that are infused with elements unique to that couple. This DIY wedding epitomizes original, couple-centered design. I found it while surfing around on Flickr. The groom makes SO Scale disaster sculptures for a living. The couple decided to have the groom make a series of disaster sculptures to serve as table numbers. In addition to "sinkhole" (pictured below,) other unique table number center pieces included, tidal wave, mountain lion, and wildfire. Although "Disaster" table numbers might be creepy or off color for some of us, they work perfectly for this couple.

wedding table numbers that depict disasters
Image from LaurenVenell's PhotoStream

Think of how you might use your wedding to tell your story instead of automatically going with something just because it is popular or trendy. The trick is to start with who you are, individually or as a couple, no matter how different.