Two More Games for Outdoor Weddings–Frisbee and Sack Races

Field Day at Your Wedding

I wrote a guest post for The Bride's Book blog recently where I talked about things guests could do (besides dancing) to stay entertained at an outdoor wedding. The most obvious are bocce and croquette. I also mentioned using a venue's natural elements such as gardens, bodies of water, farm animals, and exhibitions.

Once the post was published I thought, How about tag football? Or lawn darts? Or have a pinata? Geez, I should have sat on that post to let my thoughts season a bit more :) And then I stared stumbling across random pictures of fun weddings while researching other stuff. And so here are at least two more games to consider for your out door wedding?


I love this picture. Why? Because the bride and groom are having fun and enjoying their own wedding. This couple met while playing Frisbee so of course they had to have Frisbee at their wedding.

playing frisbee at a wedding
Image via A Cup of Jo

Sack Races

Oh this one brings me back. Remember field days at the end of the school year? How fun was that to have sack races, and three legged races, and to play tag football? Those were some of my favorite days, and as an outdoorsy mountain girl, this would be my type of wedding. Causal and fun. You can probably get sacks from your local coffee roasting shop. Just be sure to wash them (by hand) 'cause they're nasty right out of the shop.

wedding guests participate in a sack race
Image via A Practical Wedding

In addition to admiring the sweet, sweet photos, be sure to check out the full story of Amy & Bracken's wedding on A Practical Wedding

Are you planning to play games at your out door wedding? How did you decide which games to offer?