Tree Decor Encore

Of course I found these lovelies over on the fabulous Ruffled Blog AFTER I posted last week's Tree Decor Inspiration. Grrrrr. These obviously would have fit perfectly into that  taxonomy. Oh well. On the bright side, the total coolness of hanging vintage frames from trees is underscored here, by themselves.

vintage frames hang from trees

You can put anything in these frames: lace (which would be particularly awesome if it was heirloom lace from your family); pretty wallpaper in your wedding colors; pictures of the couple, family, and friends; small glass jars with flowers or other ephemera; or vintage ads, postcards, or posters.

vases with flowers hand from vintage frames

You might also leave some frames empty and use them in your guest photo booth, or as props for your bridal portraits.

~Images from Matthew Morgan via Ruffled Blog.~