Bride and Groom rocking the dress in Mono Lake

Trash the Dress in the High Sierra

Mono Lake, which is 30 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes, is one of the wonders of the American West. With no outlet, water comes in and it’s only way out is through evaporation, making it even saltier than the Great Salt Lake in Utah. In the mid 20th century, the city of L.A. began diverting water to supply an exponentially growing city. Mono Lake dropped 30 feet exposing the Tufa towers underneath the surface. These moonscape-like Tufa towers, combined with the mountains surrounding this huge lake make Mono Lake one of the coolest and unique places to rock your wedding dress.

Bride and Groom rocking the dress in Mono Lake


So when Alicia at The Charity Wedding contacted me about doing a double feature of Minaret Photography’s Mono Lake Trash the Dress session, I jumped at the opportunity to share this amazing shoot with you.

Mono Lake Rock the Dress session


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