Bride at Twin Lakes

A Touch of Aloha in the Mountains | Mammoth Lakes Wedding

Multicultural Mountain Wedding Part 1

The mountain and island cultures are similar in many ways. There’s the extreme isolation, the relaxed, no-worries atmosphere, and the deep connection locals feel to nature. When I saw this mountain wedding with island touches, I HAD to share it with you. Today I give you part 1. There were so many gorgeous pictures by the talented Juan Turcios that I had to break this wedding up into two parts! Today I have a few pictures; tomorrow I’ll have more pictures and the bride’s Real Hindsight Advice. Check out Part 2 of this Lovely Mammoth Lakes Wedding.

Crystal Crag in Mamoth Lakes

Bride at Twin Lakes

origami and candles

Groom at Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes

aloha groom in the mountains

orchids and mountains in Mammoth Lakes

From the Bride:

Overall, we wanted our wedding to be warm and fun, with a casual elegance that embraced the scenery of Mammoth. We chose to have a destination wedding because we wanted family and friends to have ample opportunity to spend time together and with us in a relaxed setting. As for other inspirations, like most brides, I wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our personalities and our tastes.

We incorporated elements of our families’ cultures:

  • From my family: 1,000 origami cranes are a Japanese tradition for good luck
  • From my husband’s family: leis are one of the signature Hawaiian traditions, along with orchids which we used throughout the wedding
  • Chopsticks & macadamia nut shortbread cookies as our party favors reflected both of our cultures

We also incorporated things we love:

  • Mammoth (my family has been going to Mammoth every summer for almost 30 years)
  • Photos of our pup as the table signs throughout the reception
  • Pie from Pie in the Sky Café
  • My hand-painted shoes (I’m a shoe girl!) with our wedding logo, images from our invitation and our names & wedding date

We also kept our guests top of mind in our planning. We wanted to host them for a festive weekend and show our appreciation for their attendance by trying to make sure we covered as many details as we could (transportation to the venues; welcome packages with the weekend’s itinerary, town maps and local snacks; hosting our bridal party in a home that also served as the venue for our day-after-the-wedding BBQ).

♥ Check out more amazing details as well as Real Hindsight Advice tomorrow! HERE It IS!

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