Top Five Fresh Ideas from HITCHED

Wowee! Hitched looks amazing! I know HITCHED happened a few weeks ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage over on BASH Events. HITCHED is billed as a "curated wedding event." Basically it brings together the most brilliant wedding professionals to showcase their best ideas. I wanted to share my top five favorite ideas from HITCHED. What were your favs?

5. Figurine Place Settings

There are some many directions you can take this concept. The figurines don't have to match. In fact, a theme and variation approach works best. Search out different bronze animals at thrift stores. Or go with porcelain figures, or small carved wood ones.

figurine place setting


4. Texture!

OMG! How brilliant is that? It looks like the chairs are wrapped in bright pink yarn and velour. Now granted, it would take forever to do that with all of the chairs of a 150 person reception, but you could do it to the Bride and groom's chairs, or for the head table. What really makes this amazing is the contrast between the brown burlap and the bright pink chairs. Yet, the rough textures tie the two together and make this totally work. LOVE!

yarn wrapped chairs


3. Monochromatic Design

I just love the theme and variation of monochromatic tablescapes. I can think of no better way to customize decor with your colors, or tying together mis-matched objects than to paint them all one color. Here, painted white frames, gold painted vases and glass created a shabby chic vibe. Brilliant!

monochromatic vases and frames


2. Up-cycling the Commonplace

These are tin cans! Like from canned beans and corn! But oh how they look so modern paired with white dahlias and baby's breath. And oh how they catch the light. Who would have thought someone's recycling could look so elegant!

tin can vases


1. Yarn Balls {GUSH!}

What a great alternative to lanterns! Love how customizable these are. You can do different sized and colors to suit your wedding colors and style. They are also super light and easy to hang. You remember this from back in the day, right? Get some round balloons, yarn, and Elmer's glue. Inflate the balloons to size. Pour glue in a shallow dish. Run yarn through glue and squeegee excess glue with fingers. Wrap balloon with yarn and let dry. Pop balloon and tada!

multi-colored yarn balls

~All images from Feather Love Photography via Bash Blog~

If you're like me and you missed this HITCHED, checkout the next one in Palm Springs in January 2011. And in the meantime, follow the HITCHED blog.