Top 8 Bridal Boots for Mountain Weddings in Winter

Most Mountainside Brides are already savvy enough to be prepared with the perfect footwear for an outdoor wedding, but as more and more events are moving outdoors this winter, it’s really important to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible as you say, “I do”! Luckily, there are plenty of waterproof, sturdy, cozy options that are also stylish enough to guarantee there are absolutely no cold feet of any kind on your big day! So, whether trekking through snow and ice or venturing up a rocky mountainside, take a look at these boots below to see which ones would be the best fit for your wedding!

Stylish Warmth

Plush shearling and wool-blend lining help keep your feet dry and toasty in these waterproof and super-stylish boots!

Cozy Booties

A lower profile with lots of waterproof warmth and sturdy treads…but really though, how cute would these be with a set of “something blue” laces!

Rugged Comfort

Super sturdy and supportive, these boots and their iconic UGG lining are great for those cold and rainy mountain days!

All-White Wedding

For those set on their footwear matching their white gown (and who don’t plan on trekking through any mud), these cozy, waterproof boots are for you!

Sleek Warmth

These slim-fitting boots provide the ultimate toe to knee coverage without all the bulk!

Lightweight Stability

For those in slightly warmer climates who still need something waterproof, these boots are lightweight, supportive, and designed by engineers in Switzerland who know a thing or three about hiking in the mountains!

Hint of a Print

We just couldn’t resist the adorable plains star print on these Pendletons for a mountain lodge wedding out west!

Modern Warmth

From après-ski to après-ceremony, these cozy boots will make sure you’re stylish as well as warm.

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Header photo by Honeybee Weddings