Top 3 Photo Posing Mistakes to Avoid | Oh Darling Engagement Shoot

I just love it when beautiful photography lands in my inbox. I have a lovely engagement shoot from one of Mountainside Bride’s Favs Oh Darling! Photography out of North Carolina. The below shoot is delightful in that it’s a small study in what to do to look natural during a photography session, right!? And natural and happy equals beautiful every time.

Scroll down for the top 3 posing mistakes and how to fix them

Western north carolina photography bride in a field

Western north carolina photography engagement shoot
Western north carolina photography couple in a field

Western north carolina photography couple portraits

Western north carolina photography couple on stone steps

Top 3 Photo Posing Mistakes to Avoid

If your like me, the keen attention of the camera makes you all nervous and self-conscious. Check out these lovely pictures and crucial tips to help you look your best in front of the camera!

You’re holding your breath.

It’s natural when we’re tense, nervous or stressed out to hold our breath. But when you’re holding your breath and try to smile, it will look tense or forced.  Take a couple of deep breaths to relax and then check in to make sure your breathing naturally. It will relax the face and make your smile more natural. And remember to keep breathing!

You’re Rocking the Beauty Pageant Pose.

OK, OK, you’re right, the old shoulders-square-hips-angled-away-from-the-camera at 11 and 6 works, but it looks so cliche, and is so not natural. You want to be the picture of gorgeous natural beauty during both your engagement shoot and your wedding day. For a more subtle, but equally complementary look, try holding your feet at 11 and 2 (instead of 11 and 6).

You’re Squinting into the Sun

Yeah, I know, the sun is freaking bright. And your photographer has you facing it. Even at dusk or dawn, with it hanging low in the sky, the sun can be strong. To avoid the squinty look, close your eyes or look at something dark until your photographer gives you the signal that she’s ready to shoot. Then look at her, smile, and breath!

 Photography: Oh Darling! Photography (destination wedding photographers, serving the mountains in western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and south eastern Virginia)