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Wedding Regrets: Things I Wish I had Done at My Own Mountain Wedding

Mountainside Bride vintage Tiffany's Diamond Engagement Ring

Welcome to the second post in Behind the Scenes Week on Mountainside Bride. I wanted to share with you some things about me that make this blog what it is. If you missed it, check out part one of this series, Things I’m Glad I Did at My Own Mountain Wedding.

Today I want to talk about wedding regrets, in particular, mine. The whole hindsight wedding advice format came about because of my own hindsight wedding regrets. Unlike many other bloggers, I ask mountain brides what they wish they had or hadn’t done. While I’ve been criticized for “dwelling” on the negative aspects of wedding planning, I think they are a very real and highly instructive part of the wedding planning process. Even they are seemingly small (like I wish I had kept a journal of the process) I think most brides have things they wish they could have done over. I hope reading about other brides wedding day regrets will help all of you newly engaged women avoid the same mistakes and serve as a reminder that you are not alone!

Here is what I wish I had done at my own Mountain Wedding:

Stayed true to my original priorities

When I wrote out an initial list with my top five priorities, photography was #5. As time when on, and D. and I spent countless hours on DIY projects, photography had climbed to one of my very top priorities. I wanted to remember every little detail. I emphasized this to the student photographer I had hired in an effort to save money. I took a real chance hiring a student photographer and lost. The pictures did not come out–at all.

Pampered Myself a Bit More

The week before the wedding I was a DIY-ing fool. I was baking cakes, ironing bunting, and setting up the venue. I had no time for my hair or nails. The day of, I was running around piping frosting on my cake, decorating the ceremony site, and setting up tables. I had no time for hair and makeup. Not only did I not have a more polished bridal look, I also missed out on having some girl time with the my mom, my mother in law, my niece, and my bridesmaid.

Spent More Time with My Mom

For 15 years, I have lived more than 1000 miles away from my family. I see my mom once a year at best and once every three years at worst. It is a rare treat to talk to my mom face-to-face. Although my parents stayed in NC for nearly a week, the flurry of wedding day preparations prevented us from spending much time together. In hindsight, I wish I had spend some alone time with my mom. Maybe a spa day, or just going out to lunch together.

Written Our Own Vows

We recited the classic vows from the common book of prayer. In many ways I liked the formality and tradition of this type of ceremony. However, there are so many things that make D. special to me. I wish I had taken the opportunity to declare in front of our friends and family exactly how and why I love my husband so much.

Kept a private journal of the process

As I talk to family and friends and reflect on our wedding for blogging purposes, I realize that I am fast forgetting some of the smaller details. I wish I had kept a small private journal to chronicle the process. For example, I wish I would have written down my thoughts the day I made the cake, or the day after the wedding when MOuntainside Groom and I woke up in a gorgeous B&B. In other words, there are private details that isn;t appropriate for a wedsite or a blog. I wish I had taken the time to write so my future self could enjoy and remember some of the smaller moments.

Sent out save the dates

We had a Memorial Weekend wedding. We thought about sending Save the Date Cards, but so many of our guests were from the area, we figured they weren’t really needed. Approximately 35% of our guests sent regrets, saying they had already made plans for Memorial Day. It was a bit disappointing.

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