The Perfect Wedding, Or Maybe Not | Rogue Bride Gets Married

Just a reminder: BKCH is NEVER safe for work!!!

We’re back with another Bridal Koolaid Cocktail hour with the Rogue Bride and we’re re-capping her wedding!!!

Images from Flutter Glass Photography’s Facebook Album

Tips and Tricks Revealed

While Rogue’s wedding was as near perfect as you can get, there were a few things we both learned along the way, including:

  • Take pictures of how you want your details to be laid out. That way, your set-up team (whether paid or not) has a visual reference to execute your vision.
  • Make a list of departure items, including dinner, pieces of cake, and your bridal lingerie.
  • Have pack-up boxes clearly labels so you get all of your stuff back in an organized fashion.

Remember: NSFW!

Listen to the details of each tip and more…