Technology Tuesday: iGoogle and Google Reader

Organize and Stay on Top of Your Wedding Blogs with Google

I don't know about you, but I follow scores of blogs. Google reader and Google home page let me follow all of my favorite blogs without actually having to go out and find each one every day. I use Google homepage and Google reader to organize my favorite blogs so I can keep updated on new posts without having to go back to each blog every day.

The biggest reason I like Google Reader and Google home page over RSS book marks is that Google gives me a quick visual of what's going on in the blogosphere. Check out a few informational videos below:

Google Reader in Plain English



iGoogle Mini Product Tour

I only have RSS feeds to wedding blogs in my Google home page.  Basically, new blogs I find go into the reader until I can evaluate them further and my absolute favs go into the my Google home page.


iGoogle Tutorials: Adding an RSS feed to your iGoogle page