Technology Tuesday: Etsy Tips and Tricks

Etsy is Awesome for Finding Unique, Handmade Wedding Details

Small elephant cake topper
From Etsy Seller Jessica Bush

What handmade wedding loving DIY bride doesn't love Etsy? I'm sure if you've seen my Etsy Eye Candy posts. Other bloggers have their versions of it as well. Here's how to get the most out of Etsy:

Get an account: It's worth it to sign up for an account. I often find that when a blogger covers an item that I love, by the time I get to it it's sold out. However I can add the seller or the item to my list of favorites. I can then go back to the seller to shop for other items and see what's new. You can also request items in tech Alchemy section.

Example of Etsy favorites


Etsy Weddings and Etsy Vintage: Etsy thinks of everything, including curating all things wedding related into one convenient spot. This is great if you're looking, for example, a veil, but have no clue what you might want or what's out there. Modernizing the rustic wedding signs with paint that matches your wedding colors is brilliant!

orange green and purple handmade wedding signs
Image from Etsy Seller OurHobbyToYourHome


Storque Showcase A daily dose of sellers picks. Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it. I am also inspired by the color palettes that manifest in these collections.


Etsy Finds Newsletter This is my favorite feature. You don't have to go to Etsy; Etsy comes to you. Basically Etsy will email you differently themed finds every day. Get them while they're hot though. That awesome cotton necklace sold out within hours of being featured!


Etsy Local It's great to support your local local economy. It's greener too. The less distance your items have to travel, the smaller your carbon footprint. I love this skeleton key necklace with the "something blue" bead.

Skeleton key with blue bead
Image from Asheville Etsy Seller NestingNomad


Etsy Meetups Hey, hey DIY brides. Want to get in touch with other crafty ladies? Check out Etsy meetups in your area.