Technology Tuesday–Word Cloud Save the Date Postcards

Create Unique DIY Save the Date postcards with Wordle

We were going to mail these cute little Save the Date cards for our Memorial Day wedding last year. We ended up using, well…nothing. Big mistake! In hindsight I wish we had sent them out. Many of our guests had already made travel plans for the holiday weekend long before our invitations went out. Had we done Save the Date postcards, important family and friends may have been able to attend.

These unique DIY save the date postcards inspire the geek in me. Oh, and they're also easy, inexpensive, and super cute. Below is a Save the Date mock-up for our wedding using Wordle.

Save the Date word cloud

A few Wordle Tips:

  • Just like a real word cloud (or tag cloud,) Wordle assigns size according to frequency. So to get "Save the Date" and the date of your wedding bigger than everything else, you will have to enter the phrase Save~the~Date in the most number of times.
  • To group words such as "Save the Date" together, use the tilda located above the TAB key. For example: "Save~the~Date" and "May~23~2009"
  • In case of computer crashes, time outs, and to make adjustments without having to retype everything, I recommend you compose in a word processing document and copy and paste into Wordle.
  • When you're done, export the Wordle to your local computer by choosing "print," and saving the document to pdf.
  • Buy some pretty paper, take your image to a professional print shop and have them make nice postcards out of your Wordle cloud. Easy–Inexpensive–Adorable!

Wordle How To Video:

DIY Save the Date Cards–Word Clouds from Hindsight Bride on Vimeo.

{Post Script: I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this idea. In the thick of wedding planning I was less concerned with citing sources and more concerned with inspiration and ideas. If you know from where this idea came, email me or comment and I will link back to the original creator.}