Teal and Orange Beartooth Mountains Elopement

Macy Spencer Photography is no stranger to the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. She mused that the spot this editorial was shot at has been near and dear to her for years and though she may have her own personal reasons, the 360-degree views of the natural wonder are incredible and from the looks of her photos, we can attest as to why she picked it just for the area alone. The looming stormy weather created a moody and muted landscape, allowing the bright teal and orange shades to really shine. The story of this editorial began with the Indian Paintbrush flower, a vibrant wildflower. From there, she sought the expertise of Better to Gather for planning and Melissa from Passiflora Farm who foraged for native wildflowers in Montana to replicate the untamed beauty of the region and the shoot. What simple visions that Macy had in her mind truly came to life in this shoot, and we’re so glad she pulled the artistry out to make it!