Tada! New Blog Design

New Blog Design by Splendid Sparrow

Those of you who know me know that I have been hating on my old theme for a while now. I started the blog last July with the idea that I would focus on content first and foremost. After switching templates like every other week, I finally settled on the grungy one you're used to seeing. What's funny about this is I didn't focus on content at all. I let the blog languish until this spring when I finally picked it back. Of course this time with up with fervor.

Anyway, I'm still plan to do a more custom redesign, but as the new school year approaches, I'm not sure how much extra time I'll have to devote to design. And content really is the highest priority for me right now.

Thanks to Reese from Spendid Sparrow for being available and helpful. And thanks to all of you who helped me make the decision to go with an interim look that I think better illustrates how I think of myself as a wedding blogger.

Old Look

New Look

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