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Sweet Wildflower Wedding in the Georgia Mountains

Natalie + Emory 
July 14, 2012
Dawsonville, Georgia

There is something magical about the southern mountains. They are mystical and enchanting both. While these north Georgia mountains aren’t in the Smoky Mountain chain, proper, these Blue Ridge mountains share many of the same spellbinding traits as their cousins, the Smoky’s. And what can be more charming for a southern mountain wedding than the sweet simplicity of a wildflowers and rustic details in used with bright pops of turquoise? AND, there’s something about mountain brides that is so down-to-earth. In this week’s Hindsight Advice, Natalie advises to start thank you notes early and don’t be afraid to stand up to pushy relatives. Bravo, Doll!

wildflower daisy bouquet and turquoise flats tan groomsmen's suit and turquoise tie georgia wedding rings georgia mountain view and wild flower bouquet burlap wrapped wildflower bouquet

groom waiting for bride in the mist bride approaches groom in the mist bride and groom nuzzle in the mist bride and father walk down the aisle georgia mountain wildflower wedding ceremony georgia mountain wedding pinky embrace with wedding rings georgia mountain bride and groom embrace casual mountain bride and groom getaway

Why a Mountain Wedding?

A traditional wedding in a church didn’t resonate with Emory and me. For us, we feel God in nature; so what better way to celebrate our marriage than atop the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia to view God’s artwork.

Where did you find your inspiration?

Our inspiration came from a variety of places from our unique tastes, including Southern Living Magazine, and of course our love of the mountains.

Anything you wish you had done?

The biggest thing I wish I had done would be keeping up with thank you notes! Sad to say, but life post wedding has been beyond crazy and wonderful… but, I still have thank you notes to write.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

We truthfully have no regrets from our wedding! We left the reception gushing about how much fun we had and how it was “totally us!” We were able to do that because we had such loving and supportive family and friends around. We also did a lot of research about our vendors.

Three things you’re glad you DIDN’T worried about?

I have been told we were an insanely laid back couple, so we didn’t have any regrets, but I can say I am thankful that I didn’t worry about these three things:

  1. The weather… it rained at my outdoor wedding! AHH, not really, the wonderful crew at Amicalola Falls took care of everything and I had more time to joke around with the ladies in our hiding spot. The wedding location was backed up under a covered deck and we still had the ceremony outside.
  2. Music… nobody will ever remember what you walk down the aisle to or what was played when the grandparents were seated… we picked our music driving to the venue the day before!
  3. Don’t be afraid to stand up to potentially overbearing relatives… it can get awkward at times, but this is YOUR wedding. Stick to your guns, but always play nice.

What is your very best hindsight advice?

Never lose sight of the reason you are planning this gigantic, expensive, stressful day. Your whole life you have waited for Mr. Right, and the day has come where your love will join together! You and your fiancé are about to embark on the greatest journey in life; marriage. Colors, cake toppers, song choice, and hair styles should never blur you vision or cause unnecessary squabbles between you and your man.

Team Wedding