Sweet Vintage Inspired British Columbia Mountain Wedding with Mint Details


I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this sweet, intoxicating wedding sent over by Jamie DeLaine. Not only is this vintage-inspired, handmade wedding so sweet you could gobble it up, but Jenna and Cory brought a delightful sense of humor and honestly to their wedding. Here’s what Jamie said about their client consultation:

Jenna told me how she likes the idea of Pinterest and crafting but her follow-through often fails. She’ll get frustrated and go to bed only to find projects finished by Cory. By his own admission, Cory’s been on Pinterest more than Jenna throughout this wedding planning process. Crafty or not, Jenna and Cory did a fabulous job planning their Fraser River Lodge Wedding in Agassiz, BC last weekend. Their ceremony set-up inside the lodge was one of my favourites I have ever seen. It took my breath away when I walked in: the simplicity of the wood floors, the light coloured walls, with their custom blue frames, pillar candles, cool typography, white fabric. Stunning.

1-bouquet-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 2-gown-shoes-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 3-mountains--Jamie-Delaine-Photography

4-bride-getting-ready-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 5-rings-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 6-ceremony-site-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 7-ceremony-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 8-ring-bearer-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 9-ceremony-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 10-bridal-party-Jamie-Delaine-Photography

11-babys-breath-candles-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 12-reception-venue-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 13-centerpieces-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 14-mountain-wedding-portraits-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 15-mint-to-be-signs-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 16-dessert-table-signs-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 17-cupcakes-Jamie-Delaine-Photography 18-bride-and-groom 19-wedding-dance-Jamie-Delaine-Photography

Jenna + Cory
April 06, 2013
Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada 

Why a Mountain Wedding?

We wanted our wedding to be “us”. The Mountain wedding allowed us to incorporate just that, to us was different than the typical wedding yet, it was what we loved: the simple relaxed country lifestyle. We knew we wanted to have a wedding where we could celebrate our love with the most important people in our life and have everyone comfortable. The scenic setting was breath taking, the weather was exactly what we needed and everything turn out to be what we envisioned.

Where did you find your inspiration?

We found inspirations from our family, friends, Pinterest and of course us. We really wanted our day to be focused about us. We spent many hours together with help of others to create our idea of the perfect day.

What were some personal details you incorporated?

We did a Celtic knot tying to symbolize my family. My sister (MOH) and brother (groomsmen) tied the knot in my families tartan wish was very important to us as family is everything to us.

We had some of the most important women in my life make my bouquet. Eleven ladies walked down the isle each handing my mom a flower which she then tied the bouquet together. She then came out of the room where I was and we had a trade off she took my nephew and I took my bouquet. My nephew wore a sign that said, “Uncle here comes your girl” and he and my mom walked down the isle. At 14 months he was the show stopper. It was probably one of my favourite details that I hear about as I didn’t get to witness it but he was perfect which is nothing less than we imagined. Our nephew is very important to us and having him part of our day was incredible.

Your favorite moment of the day.

All of it – We didn’t want it to end.

Three things you’re glad you did.

  • Listened to our wants – not others
  • Added details to customize the wedding to be ours
  • Got married to my best friend (Lots of time people weigh the pros and cons of a wedding and I can honestly say we did. There is the expense and there is the uncertainty however, it was the best choice we made to go through with having a wedding. We were blown away and seriously loved every minute of our day.)

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

No, we tried to keep everything simple and a few extras that we felt made the day ours and I am very happy with everything.

What was the best piece of wedding advice you got?

At some point during the day take a few minutes to reflect the day. It goes by very quickly and you want to let it all soak in.

What piece of wedding planing advice do you wish you followed?

There was nothing that I regretted. The key is to make the day yours. Talk with your fiancé and customize your day. Use your fiancé, family and friends for support and help if you need anything.

Anything you wish you hadn’t worried about?

I was very lucky to have so many wonderful ladies supporting me. My sister (MOH) made sure that I was never stressed, she often reminded me that it was our day. I didn’t need anything to be perfect just to enjoy every moment of it as it will come and go and there is no point stressing especially over things you cannot control.

Anything You wish you had known about sooner rather than later?

We did not have any surprises and we truly had a day where we couldn’t have wished for anything more spectacular.

How did you choose your vendors?

We went to many outdoor country inspired venues and there were always things we didn’t like or didn’t work. We knew we didn’t want a typical golf course wedding as we wanted to customize things but we were running out of time. We drove down to Fraser River Lodge and fell in love. We didn’t want to rush into any decision but when they told us that they had our date, which was our anniversary we knew it was the place!

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

Be yourself, listen to your wants, do not let anyone tell you that you need to do anything you do not want to and lastly remember not to stress about things you have no control over.

Any DIY Projects?

Everything… We incorporated the original old windows from our family cabin and used them from our wedding programs. We used frames that we built out of moulding to decorate the blank wall behind the head table. We created signs for everything to customize each detail to be the same as our theme.

British Columbia Wedding Vendors

  • Photographer: Jamie DeLaine – Check out her blog it speaks for itself. We highly recommend her to everyone.
  • Flowers: 99 Nursery – Gorgeous fresh flowers that truly brought everything together.
  • Venue: Fraser River Lodge – People, Food and Venue will not disappoint
  • DJ: Phat BoyZ Mobile – Received so many compliments and they did not miss a beat.
  • Equipment Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
  • Dress Store: Davids Bridal
  • Dress Designer: Everything But The Groom
  • Shoes: Steve Madden

Submitted via Two Bright Lights