Sweet + Modern Winter Stamps

For DIY Invitations, Decorations, and…

Winter weddings make me feel all cozy and warm. Not only was our first wedding celebration on a snowy, blustery day in Mammoth Lakes, CA, but I did most of my planning in the winter months. I gorged myself on winter wedding eye candy from my favorite blogs.  With the promise of winter I feel a bit of comfort and joy in my heart as I remember the lovely days I spend designing our own winter wedding.

Winter Scape Stamps
Stamps available at the Yellow Owl Workshop

How sweet is this lovely stamp set!? When I first saw these over at the Yellow Owl Workshop I was thinking they'd be great for an invitation suite, but you could use it for anything: Out-Of-Town (OOT) bags, menus, or thank you cards. You could stamp plain brown or white wrapping paper for your bridal party or parents' gifts. You could stamp parts of your decor–like wrapping mason jars in brown paper stamped with these and filled with flowers or twigs. Of course you can use them again after you're married. They're not too weddingy. And the $30 price tag totally sweetens the pop!