Sweet and Colorful Vintage Picnic Engagement Shoot

What Attracted Me to this Sweet Little Picnic Shoot? The Vintage Dirt Bike, Of Course!

When I saw this sweet and whimsical engagement photo shoot over at Sweet Caroline, I just had to share it with you. Austin Wedding Photojournalist, Caroline, from Sweet Caroline says the bride purchased most of the props from antique shops. I wonder if any will be used in the wedding! We will have to check back in with Caroline to find out.

♥ All Photos from Sweet Caroline

Engaged couple ride a vintage enduro dirtbike

But the dirt bike isn't the only thing I love. I also love tilt-shift photography. It gives everything such a sweet and whimsical vibe.

Engaged couple enjoy a picnic

And look at those bright, saturated colors. They totally remind me of being a kid with all my toys spread out around me.

engaged couple lay on an antique quilt

And this photo shoot totally makes me want to see more men wearing suspenders. Too cool!

Engaged couple read vintage books on an antique quilt

What a sweet, simple, down-to-earth ring!

wooden engagement ring on top of vibrant orange


engaged man take picture of his fiancee with a  vintage camera

A picnic in a tree! How very  cool, very sweet, and absolutely fantastic. This is the stuff of storybooks.

Engaged couple sit in a tree


engaged couple stands in a field of poppys


black and white image of engaged couple under a tree

All Photos from Sweet Caroline