Steal this Idea! Groom’s Gift from the Heart

A Truly Unique Gift from the Heart.

D. and I have routinely moved in our lives. D wintered in Big Sky Montana where he skied and summered in western North Carolina. I left New England as soon as I could and have bounced around ever since. I have a big appetite for life and places, and want to experience as much as I possibly can.

house keys in shadow box


We like to say we are once-every-five-years people. we re-order our lives once every five years or so. We do something new, we go back to school, or we move across-country (again.) We have lived in many places together, and shared many house keys, many car keys, and key to miscellaneous places like the top of the mountain and the beach. The other day, while packing, we came across a number of these keys, which we often end up keeping, either out of habit or sentimentality. I have a whole bowl full of these orphan keys that I just can't seem to throw out. Stories were told and memories kindled. What a lovely reminder of our life together. Not just in our young marriage, but also for the five years before that.

house key framed in a shadow box

I wish I had seen or thought of this shadow box idea when we were planning our wedding. Curating the keys to each of our homes would have been a perfect heartfelt gift for D. Something that would have been unique to us (even though it's not my idea.) Something we could look at to remind ourselves of who we are. Something to spark joyful conversations.

What do you think? Brilliant, or what?

~Images from Young House Love via Bridalhood~